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About eapgpatterns.com

eapgpatterns.com is designed for hobbyists, serious collectors of, and dealers in Early American Pattern Glass. The primary purpose of this web site is to be a resource for its subscribers in pattern identification and researching the Market Value History of the Early American Pattern Glass items in their collection. Please note that this is not an auction site or an ecommerce site for eapg glass!

With full-color, high-resolution, digital images of 10,492 Early American Pattern Glass items (representing 3,112 patterns), members can search the EAPG database to learn pattern names, manufacturer, manufacturer's pattern number, years manufactured and other important information in identifying items or potential items in their collection. In addition to the EAPG Pattern Identification Page, pages devoted to a Sampling of Carnival Glass Patterns (1907-1933), containing 873 Carnival Glass Items (representing 365 Carnival Glass Patterns), and a Sampling of Depression Glass Patterns containing 768 Depression Glass Items (representing 370 Depression Glass Patterns) have been added to the website with the same features as the EAPG Pattern Identification Page.

Included in the database are over 13,373 market value histories based on pattern names, item form (butter dish, spooner, creamer, sugar bowl, etc.), and color. Market value histories are displayed in three columns: eBay and Flea Market Value Histories, Antique Mall Market Value Histories and High-End Collector Auction Market Value Histories. (Our Market Value Histories database was last updated on 2/3/2010.)

The website includes a fully functional search engine that enables subscribers to search the EAPG database using various parameters--including pattern name, form, manufacturer, pattern number, year manufactured, and glass characteristics (such as "ruby", "blush" amber, milk, etc.). There is also an Advanced Search where users can search the database using design descriptors (square, oval, rib, scroll, leaf, etc.). The advanced search page also has a logical search engine where users can search the database using multiple parameters with and, or, or not logical operators. Search results can be sorted by pattern, form, manufacturer, etc., and filtered by form.

NEW FEATURE ADDED! We have now added a mobile site for those wishing to have EAPG pattern identification available on-the-road using your internet enabled mobile device. This mobile site is customized for small screen mobile devices and provides you with our EAPG database of pictures and information while on the road. A very handy tool while shopping for EAPG items! This mobile site is a new service offered free to our subscribers. On your mobile device web browser, enter eapgpatterns.com/mobile.

Subscribers can post images and information about EAPG or suspected EAPG items they would like identified using the Post an Unknown Pattern for Identification Page, giving interested subscribers the opportunity to help identify their unknown item.

Subscribers can also post comments and questions as well as view and respond to other subscribers' posting on our Subscribers' Forum.

DoRi Miles, renowned Early American Pattern Glass historian and consultant, is checking this site for errors, submitting corrections, and aiding in the identification of unknown patterns. DoRi--a professional EAPG dealer since 1960--has worked with Early American Pattern Glass for over 46 years conducting appraisals and pattern identification. Her expertise is greatly appreciated.

As the website matures, this database will grow to include additional functionality and enhanced features.

Read more about the people behind eapgpatterns.com.

For a valuable website devoted to general information and history of EAPG--and has EAPG items for sale--please visit Elaine Henderson's website: patternglass.com.

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Please feel free to click on the Free Preview of our Pattern Identification Page link above to preview a sample of our Pattern Identitication Page and see the pattern information and details of a sampling of EAPG items from our EAPG database!

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