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Pattern: Polar Bear
AKA: Iceberg; Artic (sic); Arctic; North Pole
Description: Polar Bear (Frosted) Water Pitcher
Form: Water Pitcher
Manufacturer: Crystal Glass Co.
Pattern Number: Not Currently Known
Date: 1880s
------Pattern Design Descriptors------

The etched (Frosted) goblet has a polar bear on one side and a seal on the other.

The AKA Artic is either a misspelling or a typo by an early author. There is no proof that this was made by by Crystal Glass Co. The attribution to Crystal Glass is based on the CGCo. embossed on the water tray. It could also be Canton Glass Co., or any other glass manufacturer that begins with a C. Dori Miles.

Polar Bear can now be clearly assigned to the Crystal Glass Co. of Pittsburgh as their Arctic Water Set. American Pottery and Glassware Reporter, May 27, 1880 "The Crystal Glass Company, Southside, ...They have now ready for the trade their new "Arctic" water set "pitcher, tray, goblets, slop-bowl" bearing on their surface scenes comfortable and refreshing to gaze upon in these days when the mercury seems ambitious to clamber out at the top of the thermometer. These represent icebergs, icicles, polar bears, etc. The pieces are all good in shape and proportion and the mold maker has done his share of the work with fine skill and excellent taste. The sets are furnished either plain or etched. Sid Lethridge.
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