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Pattern: Galloway
AKA: Mirror Plate*; Virginia; Woodrow; U.S. Mirror; Mirror
Description: Galloway Syrup Pitcher
Form: Syrup Pitcher
Manufacturer: U.S. Glass Co. (Factory GP, Glassport, PA, & Factory U at Gas City, IN)
Pattern Number: 15086
Date: 1904-1919
------Pattern Design Descriptors------
Primary Pattern Descriptor(s): hobstars geometric; pointed ovals
Secondary Pattern Descriptor(s): hobstars, pvals
Some people think this is U.S. Glass' Virginia State Pattern, but it is not.

According to Identifying Pattern Glass Reproductions, page 135 (see our Credits and References Page) this pattern was also produced by the Jefferson Glass Company of Toronto, Canada, between 1900 and 1925.

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