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Pattern: Champion
AKA: Seagirt; Fan with Crossbars; Greentown #75; Diamond and Long Sunburst
Description: Champion Banana Stand
Form: Banana Stand
Manufacturer: Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. (1884); McKee Brothers (1896); Indiana Glass Co. (1904)
Pattern Number: 75
Date: 1894; 1896; 1904
------Pattern Design Descriptors------
Primary Pattern Descriptor(s): hobstars geometric; pointed ovals
Secondary Pattern Descriptor(s): hobstars, pvals
The cake stand was folded to make the banana stand.

This pattern was originally referred to as Pattern #11 in a National Glass Co. Catalog (Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co.) and as Pattern #11 at the Indiana Glass Co. (Dunkirk) as well. However, research by Bing Hilton revealed that Champion pieces made at Greentown should be called Pattern #75 as catalog copies revealed that there is a separate and distinct pattern #11. (See Diamond with Double Fans) that was manufactured at the Greentown plant.

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