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Pattern: Ashburton, Creased
Description: Ashburton, Creased Goblet
Form: Goblet
Manufacturer: Bakewell, Pears & Co.
Pattern Number: Not Currently Known
Date: 1850s
------Pattern Design Descriptors------
Primary Pattern Descriptor(s): hobstars geometric; pointed ovals
Secondary Pattern Descriptor(s): hobstars, pvals
Many companys produced the Ashburton pattern during the years of 1840s-1870s.

We believe that we have the various Ashburton patterns separated correctly. However, we welcome any goblet expert with additional information on these Ashburton variations.

Welkers (see Credits and Refernces Page) states possible manufacturer as Bakewell, Pears and Co. based on the stem which is identical to Bakewell Block. If this is correct, this would date it in the 1850s. Dori Miles.

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