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Unlisted Patterns to be Named

In our travels to photograph collections across the country, we have encountered unlisted patterns that appear in multiple collections. We believe that these patterns need some type of notation so that they can be referenced. Before we take it upon ourselves to name these patterns, we want to put samplings from these patterns before the glass community in hope that someone may have some information on the patterns that will lead to their identification. If you have any information on one or more of the patterns shown below, please send us an email with the information to, please include the Unlisted I.D. No. in your email.

Click on an image to view the high-resolution image and pattern detail of the item.

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I.D. No.
UL_0514 At first this pattern might be identified as O'Hara's Cordova. Cordova is paneled, so it can be eliminated. The pattern base is similar to Pleat Band by Indiana Goblet and Tumbler. It also has characteristics of Bellaire Glass. King #28 has a base somewhat similar.
Open Compote
Alternate View

Covered Compote

UL_0603 Similar to Royal Lady Celery Vase.
Celery Vase
Alternate view
UL_0604 Similar to O'Hata's Hand.
Covered Sugar Bowl
UL_0605 Note the decoration down from the lip of the creamer. This pattern is like Dart. Dart and Convex Band, Ruby, and several others.
UL_0609 This pattern has the same finial as King's Pen pattern.
Covered Compote
Finial close-up
UL_0611 This piece was probably made between 1910 and 1920. It is both pressed and engraved.
Handled Open Sugar Bowl
Alternat view
UL_0612 A Cruet may the the only piece made in this pattern.
UL_0613 We have found multiple pieces in this pattern.
Open Compote
Different angle.
UL_0614 This pattern closely resembles Duncan's Mardi Gras.
Wine Glass
UL_0618 This Covered Sugar Bowl not only has teardrops around the Sugar Bowl, it also has teardrops coming down the side.
Covered Sugar Bowl
UL_0619 An unknown Stippled Dart pattern.
UL_0620 An unknown Fancy Handles pattern.
UL_0621 There are lots of Honeycomb patterns. This one is different because it has a flat bottom.
Celery Vase
UL_0622 Many would mistake this Cruet to be part of U.S. Glass' Ohio State Pattern series, but it is not.
UL_0623 A Dresser/Powder Jar may be the only form made in this pattern.
Dresser/Powder Jar
UL_0627 This pattern is somewhat similar to Princeton and Pointed Oval with Circle.
Syrup Pitcher
UL_0628 This is a very plain patter with only a knob (finial) to distinquish it from other patterns.
Covered Sugar Bowl
UL_0629 This pattern is somewhat similar to Currier and Ives.
Cake Stand
Different angle.
UL_0630 This is a wonderful pattern, but we have not found another piece. <
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